Tuesday, January 18, 2000

PLEADING - Father's Reply To Mother's "Time Extended" Response...

One would believe, that if he was at least granted "court ordered time" with his children for a Christmas Holiday he could expect that to happen. NOT when you have an utterly obsessed PA targeting parent willing to spend any amount of money. While happily anticipating having some Christmas celebration time with my children in 1999 - I learned that my ex-wife was not satisfied with just disobeying our court agreement, she was even going to LITIGATE to take "court ordered" father/daughter time away from me and the children.

So via very deliberate and hostile litigation in 1998 the mother actually overturned the court's own ruling. So at Christmas 1999 it was clear she was intending to do everything possible to repeat the process. The lies, personal character assassination and manipulation of the court were just totally over the top. In my own defense it was time to present information about who the mother really was. It had become apparent no sane or rational behavior regarding relationship with the children was ever going to come from her. That was the driving force behind creation of this pleading. Actual Outcome? The court completely ignored my response pleading, never even responded. It was if it had never been written and submitted.

Was this a gross violation of rules of civil procedure? Absolutely! But my judge did whatever he wanted, he simply ignored the law at will when he chose to - maybe unbelievable, but non the less totally true and very common.

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