Friday, March 23, 2001

PLEADING - Response to Mother's 2/20/01 motion for monetary judgment

Many divorce cases are subject to disputes about money, but once decided at the divorce hearing and made a court order via the final agreement the issue ends. Not with someone obsessed with intent to totally destroy the other party.

It is with review of historic documents that I truly realize it was my ex-spouse's full intent to destroy me in every manner: mentally, emotionally, financially and ultimately my physical health - just as she had vowed to me in private. It is amazing how manipulative and subtle the behavior of this type person can be. Viewed by outsiders without knowledge of the whole matter it can often look like any one thing is reasonable. Yet in total it reveals utterly aggressive, often irrational and frequently behavior inconsistent with the verbalized needs. Example: demand and actually aid me into returning to corporate employment (gave more predictable income & benefits) only to then, via meaningless abusive legal harassment of my new employer, get me terminated.

Most striking is the “unrelenting ruthlessness and persistence” of the harassment, going on year after year after year. Not random, but done methodically under a controlled disciplined plan of deliberate intent. Using money and financial issues as a weapon to beat me, the hated party – as the money itself was not really needed.

The attached pleading represents my effort to try and inform the court of just how out of control the issue was. Again as in virtually every ruling of this court, my motion was fundamentally ignored and the mother’s request was fully granted.

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