Thursday, April 27, 2006

PLEADING - Motion To Vacate and/or Modify Order of Aug 11, 1999

After many years of judicial abuse by a judge that was so mentally impaired (personality and senior age related emotional/cognitive impairments) that he was forced to go before judicial review, my attorney said it was time to file a pleading, since the judge was now retired. Little did I know - it was out of the pan into the fire. I learned not only was the judge incompetent, the entire Court Division was - the fact that it allowed a judge so lacking in competency to remain on the bench (nepotism and favoritism) regardless of the damage he wrought on the citizens, families and community should of been the warning I suppose.

This court pleading introduces the event that resulted in de-facto "termination of parental rights" of me and my 2 biological daughters back on Aug 11, 1999. For just short of 7 years during their most important formative teen years, two young girls had been 100% forcefully, unlawfully and unconstitutionally deprived of every possible sense of relationship with a father that deeply loved them, and forced to learn to hate a person they had always loved.

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