Wednesday, May 31, 2006

PLEADING - Response To Motion To Vacate and/or ...

Talk about abuse of the court - the ex-spouse and her attorney filed a 90 page reply. That's right a NINETY page reply. The vast bulk of it being very dense and complex information covering years of time. Further it all represented highly fabricated, sadistically twisted and often purely false information that had been provided repeatedly in prior years. But the strategy is simple - if you tell a lie over & over & over again - the audience (and even the person that KNOWS it's a lie) starts to see it as true.

So first you present something that is all fabrication, then pile it so high it's impossible to wade through or challenge in any way. Knowing no new judge would ever take time to actually read or begin to comprehend it. Plus if they browse it at all, they are indoctrinated and subject to being mentally injected with the hatred the author(s) have toward the other party.

So what happens? The new division judge doesn't even touch it, it's passed to the underling magistrate (a ruling that has life time impact on the well being of a minor child's life - doesn't even warrant a judge - never mind an actual hearing, credible evidence AND ABSOLUTELY no validation of presented evidence). The magistrate scared of his boss just rubber stamps the thing with whatever preceeding ruling existed - zero effort, zero justice, zero opportunity to correct a grave wrong. Just a casual browse, and an emotionally based personal opinion accelerated by desire to clear the docket is what determines "life time impacting decisions" for children in Jefferson County District Court. They are victims of their abusers and victims of those designed to protect them from the abusers.

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