Sunday, February 10, 2008

COMMENT Preface on how to use this blog.

This blog has been set up in attempt to not only tell a story but also allow you to witness the “legal process” that unfortunately fosters, enables and literally encourages crippling levels of parental alienation. Based on belief in the US Judicial System I sought for years to achieve fundamental justice, I was naïve of the how the system really works, that’s no longer true but what’s true is my daughters have already suffered the pain, damage and life-time harm to their lives.

So how will I give you some of the “legal process experience”? For 10 years every time I talked to an attorney they’d say “show me the court pleadings”. WHY? Because, what I’d tell them was so absurd or unbelievable in their mind, they never believed anything I said. Unfortunately the pleadings by opposing council are purposely authored specifically to mislead/misdirect, insight negative emotion, be confusing and are often contradictory and just plain false or lies. Unfortunately this is all done as specific legal strategy by those able to afford it. Intentionally overwhelm, perpetually stall, twist and contort fact, lie by commission and omission, discourage the judges and fundamentally thwart any progress toward justice or meaningful decisions.

This is how people with the most money totally destroy other people – actual truth plays little to no part. It allows money to control and win regardless of truth. Consider @ $200-250/hr to read documents, $1,000 buys you about 4.5 hrs. That’s barely enough to read half the documents from 1 simple pleadings process in mid-2006. In truth this case would require minimum one week (40 hrs = $10,000) in attorney fees, not including all associated fees to merely get familiar with the case, never mind actually file a motion or take an action.

Regardless, it’s valuable and often necessary to be able to read actual source documents. Plus things need time reference and to be placed into context of what else was going on to be correctly understood. So this is how the blog is laid out:

  • Blog Titles are prefaced with: PLEADING – refers to any document formally to/from the court. ORDER – refers to a specific court order issued by someone on the bench. DOC – refers to other specific documents in the case file but may of only gone between attorneys. COMMENT – refers to an entry that provides additional relative information (such as this entry you are reading now).
  • Underlined Blog Titles mean that if clicked on, the actual source document it references will be presented to you. Typically as a PDF file.
  • Blog Dates are chronological from newest to oldest time period. Dates shown correspond exactly to the applicable court/recording date of the document. This allows you to use the blog’s date index to go directly to any desired time period.